If you're looking to buy a new home in India, you've come to the right place! Given below are a few frequently asked questions to help you get started.

  • Start your search for a new home in just 4 simple steps:

    1. Visit our homepage and select a city.
    2. Use the options available in the floater on the left side to navigate to the desired section.
    3. Get to know the kind of services we provide by clicking on the Services tab.
    4. Click on the property tab under 'Property Recommends' section to filter the properties based on type and click on any property for more detailed information about the property.
    5. If you like any property or display interest to be contacted, leave your name, number and mail id in the 'Post your Requirement' form and Our Relationship Manager will get in touch with you within 24 hrs.
    6. Scroll over the research reports every month to read about the current reality trends and the market study of specific locations.
    7. Mouse over the thumbnail images of the customer to read our valuable customer experiences.
    8. In case you are interested to be a join Propfinder team, drop a mail to HR.

    After all in the locations we operate in, Propfinder is the largest and the most favored residential transaction company today.

  • Do you have local contacts for different cities?

    Yes we have local teams in every city that we operate in. We are currently operational in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Kochi.

  • Do you also provide home loans?

    No we do not provide home loans. BUT with Propfinder you need not worry about a Home loan. We are the only service provider who can get you a suitable home loan through our in house Home Loan Processing Centre. Just indicate your need for a Home Loan when leaving your contact details. The request will be accordingly vetted and processed by the respective team, who will get in touch with you, collect relevant documents, calculate your eligibility and have the sanction letter processed from a suitable Home loans Institution. We also stay with you till the time the complete loan is disbursed whether for a ready to occupy flat or for an under construction property. This is on the strength of our official partnerships with all the leading banks and NBFCs offering Home Loans.

  • How will PROPFINDER decide my home loan eligibility?

    PROPFINDER assesses the customer's repayment capacity while deciding on the home loan eligibility. Repayment capacity is based on factors such as income, age, qualifications, number of dependents, spouse's income, assets, liabilities, stability and continuity of occupation, savings history and existing loan status. Our main concern is to make sure that you can comfortably repay the loan amount and we recommend only those institutions where you will be able to avail the maximum loan amount at the best possible rates.

  • How is my loan re-assessed if there is a change in status from Non-Resident Indian to Resident Indian?

    The repayment capacity of the applicant(s) based on Resident status is reassessed and a revised repayment schedule worked out. The new rate of interest will be as per the currently applicable rate of Resident Indian loans (for that specific loan product). This revised rate of interest would be applicable on the outstanding balance being converted. A letter is given to the customer confirming the change of status.

  • How can I get my project listed on Propfinder.in?

    If you are a developer and you're looking to get your new project or property listed on Propfinder.in, please find our contact details in the home page.

  • Why are individual properties listed along with builder projects on the website?

    PROPFINDER aims to build a comprehensive database of new as well as resale homes for sale for the benefit of our prospective buyers. In our experience buyers have always shown the desire to have a choice of resale properties too in the locality of his choice before zeroing in on the property that he would like to own. After all Information, Choice & Confidence is what we aim to offer to our customers.

  • What happens once I shortlist a property on your website?

    Once you have short-listed a property on Propfinder.in you need to leave your contact details indicating your interest in the 'Make an Enquiry' form. Our Relationship Manager will contact you within 24 hrs for further information or to schedule a site visit and from then onwards will be there to guide you through the purchase process.

  • How and when can I arrange for a site visit for a selected property?

    Once you have selected a property of your choice from the listings page, enter contact details in the property enquiry form for further communication. At any point of your search you can request us to contact you for more information or to arrange a site visit by leaving your name and contact number. Alternatively you can call our helpline and quote the Property ID number to request for a site visit. On receipt of your request the call centre would transfer the same to the local Relationship Manager. He would then get in touch with you and arrange for the same.

  • How much will you charge me for all these services, I am sure it is not free of cost?

    You are right, it is not free. But for a new property purchase we charge you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We partner with the developers to help them sell their projects and our payments are from the developers. All our support services like Home Loan Processing, Home Insurance Processing also come free and are a part of our default package offered to you.